Pchela-Coin.com How to shop in the store

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How to buy?

Step 1 - To start making a purchase, you need to select the game you are interested in on the main page, for example Lineage 2 Freeshards.
Step 2 - After choosing a game, you need to select a game project where you want to make a purchase. In our case it is L2destiny.club.
Step 3 - Next, you need to select the game server where you are playing. In our case, this is L2destiny.club x25 Hifh Five.
Step 4 - After choosing a game server, you will be taken to the checkout page. You need to choose the currency with which you will pay: dollars or euros.
Step 5 - Please note that without filling in the required fields, you will not be able to place an order. The list of required fields is marked with an asterisk. Also in the fields themselves are examples of how to fill them in correctly. Below is the price for the paid currency.
Step 6 - After filling out the order, you go to the payment form by clicking on the button "Order currency on the server".
Step 7 - On the payment form, you can check the data you entered before paying. Then you can save the check by clicking on it and pay for the order (you will have to present the check or the payment number to the operator after paying for your order). The methods of communication with the operator are indicated in the section Contacts
Step 8 - You are taken to the form of payment for your order in the payment system you have chosen.