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Few memories of how a simple Lineage 2 player opened a store of game currencies.

There is nothing supernatural in my story. I will not tell, but I think many of you will remember yourself and sigh happily.

A long time ago, when the basement computer clubs still existed, one day I was offered to play a "ruler", but it was more interesting for me to play Counter-Strike (contra), Half-Life (half), Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and other games that were popular at that time, so I did not dare to take this step right away.

After a short period of time, I nevertheless decided to try it, denying that this game would not interest me and all this is nonsense, but I was very mistaken, Lineage exceeded all my expectations and became my favorite game. I spent a lot of time in clubs playing this game, but the time ticked by and they bought me a personal computer, moreover, they gave me the Internet, which meant that I could play an almost unlimited amount of time, well, almost unlimited, until they forced me to sleep.

From that moment on, a serious game began: farming, drinking, crafting, a lot of adena and stakes that could be bought for it, chiseled gear, weapons, an epic of which one could start dreaming, however, my interest in the game began to fade away from that moment when I realized what kind of gear that I farmed you can make money that can be spent on something interesting.

I began to slowly sell to my friends in the game, after which my clans saw that I was doing well and they began to trust me the clans gear so that I could sell it, taking my small%.

After that, peoples interest began to grow, they began to farm not the way it was before, but much more intensively, because the gear already represented not just a picture, but real money. I started to sew and they began to learn about me in narrow circles, after which everything began to grow, they began to advise me and I became more popular, my in-game nickname was in the language, I was contacted from other clans and this could not but please me. They began to obsessively tell me that Skype alone was not enough and I needed to grow, but I was lazy, I was afraid of difficulties and was content with what it was.

After a while, I nevertheless decided to create a VKontakte page, even later a group. People started to write to me, but still it was not what I wanted.

I decided to deal with sales more seriously, but the game took a lot of time, and I decided to stop only on the sale / purchase of game values, and my knowledge of the game contributed a lot to me, it was not in vain that it zadrotted for so many years, as they say.

I created a new page and did not start badly, I had new customers and suppliers, but at that time the stores were already functioning perfectly, to which there was much more trust and people who were ready to cooperate with them.

This again pushed me to a serious step, and now, finally, you can bring to your attention the game currency store "Pchela-coin.com", which contains more than 12 games and 150 servers that are successfully functioning at the moment and believe me, this is just the beginning !