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User agreement

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By placing an order in accordance with the agreement, you confirm your acceptance and accept the terms of the agreement.

The minimum order amount is equivalent to 100 Russian rubles.

When making a purchase of game currency or a service of a different nature, you agree that it is you who are responsible, We do not bear any responsibility for your account after the transaction.

The rules of various servers and games prohibit transactions with game currency. If violations are discovered, the administration has the full right to seize the purchased items and refuse access to the game.

We are interested not to allow this, but a 100% guarantee does not exist, therefore, in the event of this event, we are not responsible for the results.

Delivery of game currency can take from 5 minutes to 1 day, this is due to some factors, for example: payment was made when the working day was completed, in this case the game currency will be issued the next day in a queue, or the operator was not at the workplace (therefore, before ordering, we strongly recommend that you contact our operator or add us to CONTACTS ).

Beware of scammers: after the transaction, we do not ask you to return anything to us, nor do we correspond in the game.

Communication with suppliers is strictly prohibited. If we are provided with evidence of what happened or we personally discover this fact, then we have every right to compensate for the damage caused.

МWe reserve the right to make decisions related to the issue of offers and prices, as well as to refuse to provide services without explaining the reasons.

When transferring money through payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi, Unitpay, etc.) you make a charitable donation to us, and we share game currency with you in gratitude.

We guarantee confidentiality, information obtained during the provision of services from the User is not subject to disclosure to third parties.

If the payment was made from outdated browsers, the site administration is not responsible for the correct operation of the scripts.

The administration of the store does not transmit information received during the transaction or during registration to third-party services or sites.

The administration has the right at any time to change the agreement without informing the User about it.

Disclaimer of Liability

We inform you: The items, goods and services that we offer are not provided by order of a legal or natural person or company using the Webmoney Transfer system. We independently make decisions on questions of prices and offers. Companies using the Webmoney Transfer system do not receive commissions or other fees for participating in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activities.

The certification, which was carried out by Webmoney Transfer, confirms our contact details and certifies the identity. Certification is carried out at our request and does not imply that we are associated with the sales of the operators of the Webmoney Transfer system.